Code of Ethics and Conduct

BDO is a firm that is proud to be synonymous with integrity and to have a high ethical level, which drives us to continue protecting and consolidating this prestige and reputation at a national and international level.

To ensure that all our staff acquire the behavioral guidelines that we expect, we provide you with our Code of Conduct and Ethics in which you can find a clear and renewed policy for those who work on behalf of our firm. Although it does not address each and every one of the ethical issues that we face daily, it will serve as a basis for forming a global idea with the aim of maintaining a coexistence marked by mutual understanding and commitment.

It should be noted that the Code of Conduct and Ethics, hereinafter the Code, points out aspects of our mission and vision as a company; since it addresses the responsibilities of staff towards their colleagues, our clients, the market and towards the community in general.

At BDO we want all staff to be able to apply common sense, good judgment and integrity in each of the actions they undertake; This characteristic is what has allowed us not only to consolidate ourselves as a firm, but also to be recognized as a prestigious organization at the national level.

The success of BDO depends on each of us, and it is the individual responsibility to read, understand and guarantee that the firm's actions are carried out in accordance with the standards of integrity and the highest ethical principles contained in the Code.