Why BDO?

Exceptional service begins with exceptional relationships.


Over 25 years of cultivating relationships

There are many reasons to choose BDO, the best of which is our dedication to building stronger client relationships. We believe in relationships of trust based on quality service, recommendations from our clients and commitment to what we do, which allows a better understanding of the most important needs of each industry.
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Our team offers specialized and rigorous advice to meet the increasing stringent requirements in different sectors and markets from companies operating locally to global organizations with an international presence.

We believe in trusting relationships based on a quality service; customer feedback and commitment to long term arrangements, allowing a better understanding of the most important characteristics of each industry.

BDO has over 50 years of experience, consolidated in over 164 countries and more than 111,300 professionals make it one of the leading professional services firms in Peru and international markets. BDO Peru with its 25 years of experience has worked with more than 650 professionals and partners that provide services in Audit, Tax and Legal Consulting, Business Consulting and Business Services & Outsourcing.