Carlo Bereche Helguero

Business Services & Outsourcing Partner

Digital Accounting Outsourcing | Physical and Electronic Accounting Books | Administration and Treasury, Fiscal Address, and Legal Representation | Tax Compliance | Digital Solution for Accounting and Administrative Processes | Physical Inventories | Document Digitalization


Public Accountant, graduated from the Universidad Ricardo Palma. He has postgraduate studies on Taxation from the Universidad de Lima. He also studied Takeovers and Mergers of Companies in the Escuela de Postgrado de la Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC). He is a member of BDO Outsourcing S.A.C. since 2011. Carlo has over 26 years of experience in leading multinational companies, regarding these areas: accounting, auditing and finance. He has a lot of experience in providing services of Accounting and Administrative Outsourcing and services Taking Physical Inventories of Stocks and Fixed Assets.