Goldenbelt System

At BDO, our main goal is to build more efficient, more digital and more human companies. Therefore, and thanks to more than 20 years of experience in process management and all aspects related to it, considering the worker as the key in the optimal operation of a business, we created Goldenbelt, a process management system in the digital age under a human-centric model. 

In this platform, the processes of a company can be 100% digitally managed from the perspective of each person involved in them, based on good international practices and an extensive practical experience in redesigning and implementating processes. In addition, Goldenbelt integrates and relates all the processes at every front that must be linked to each other in an organization: risks, organization, audit, indicators, policies, documents, evaluations, among others. This will ensure proper functioning of all areas, united and consistent with each other but at the same time managed from the perspective of those responsible, which will allow efficiencies, motivation, continuous improvement and sustainability.

Our focus has always been and will be on the people; that is why Goldenbelt is friendly, flexible and functional. Starting to use it is extremely easy and from day one you will have a team of specialists available to advise you and answer all your questions.

Integrated and consistent:

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