Digital Accounting Outsourcing

Digital Accounting Outsourcing

The use of technology in BSO services strengthens the integrity and control of the information. Coupled with the experience of specialized accountants, this becomes an advantage for our clients by reducing the risk of errors, ensuring service quality and efficiency, and allowing timely reporting.

Our services include:

  • The accounting process that we offer is oriented towards management control; therefore, the provision of our accounting services is supported by an integrated digital and modular system including a bot that reads and records all documents. Our process ensures the following:
    • Efficiency, safety, and traceability of the documents recorded in our digital system.
    • Custody of recorded documents in a single virtual repository.
    • Online approval of documents with digital certificates.
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable are updated online based on the payments and collections made by the treasury staff. This allows the Financial Management team to keep the cash flow up to date and to project the company’s financial needs.
  • Cost centers are automatically recorded based on the structure required by the company, which allows obtaining management reports.
  • Costs and margins can be viewed by the Commercial department and other operating management teams as access to this information is granted for adequate business monitoring.
  • Supporting documents of all transactions are stored in the system and can be viewed by each user, which facilitates internal and financial audits and allows maximizing resources.
  • Financial statements in PEN and USD, as well as management and corporate reports, are presented in accordance with the schedules established by the client’s management. In addition, the preparation and filing of monthly and annual taxes are integral part of the monthly reports.

Our accounting professionals are responsible for reviewing all documents to ensure that transactions have been adequately supported, and for complying with the International Accounting Standards, by verifying costs centers, accounts, exchange rates, and corporate structures.

As part of our services, we provide our clients with a secure communication platform called BDO Portal, which facilitates a secure exchange of information and the compliance with established schedules, and stores all supporting documents and reports in an organized manner so that our clients have easy access to their financial information.