Occupational Safety and Health Advisory and Assistance

Occupational Safety and Health is a discipline that promotes the prevention of risks during the development of employment activities, for which there are local regulations that must be mandatorily complied with. Our services in this regard involve the development of the following general activities:

  • Assistance and advisory in the implementation of prevention measures in connection with Occupational Safety and Health, offering solutions that guarantee the proper management of the hazards and risks existing in business activities.
  • Prevention of situations that may affect the health and safety of employees, suppliers, and third parties at the workplace, promoting safe and healthy environments.

Our services are provided by a multidisciplinary, specialized team, with a business approach and professionals from different disciplines, which allows ensuring the compliance with Occupational Safety and Health laws. We offer the following specific services, among others:

  • Advisory regarding Occupational Safety and Health, whether with respect to the compliance with legal aspects or to the development of practical procedures.
  • Advisory and assistance in the design, implementation, updating, and/or maintenance of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System, ensuring compliance with current legislation and, consequently, the consolidation of safe working environments.
  • Occupational health services, with nurse and medical specialists who assist in monitoring and conducting medical evaluations to the personnel.